Make it so Number One

Captain Jean Luc Picard

I am a nerd on many levels, but none so obvious as my love for Captain Picard.


Filed under For the Love of Picard, Nerd Alert!

4 responses to “Make it so Number One

  1. well at least you can admit to being a nerd!! i love your blog!! I am glad you didn’t keep it a secret.

  2. “The only question that
    I ever thought was hard
    was ‘do i like kirk
    or do i like picard?'”

    -paraphrased from the poetic “white & nerdy”

    to think of all the time i wasted not talking to you and dustin about star trek. go to and type “TNG” in the search box. you will be happy.

  3. i love jean luc! and i love you all the more for loving him!

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