update: why can’t i just get what i want. part deux

before i get an onslaught of comments telling me all the reasons that i shouldn’t want my way all of the time. let me save you the headache and let you in on a little revelation i received:

There was a time that all i loved in this world was Tweety Bird. Yes, the yellow bird from the beloved show Looney Tunes. I thought that Tweety Bird was the shizzz and no one could ever convince me otherwise. I had like 4 night shirts that went to my knees that each had a speech bubble with a catchy phrase such as “i thought i saw a puddy tat” and so on. I wore these shirts every night until they were so fadded Tweety began to look old and cracked. If, by law, it would have been allowed for me to get a tatoo at the age of 10, i swear to you I would have gotten Tweety spinning a basketball on his right index finger put on my ankle. I am telling you I would have FOUGHT my parents to have this done.

I think we can all see where I am going with this….

I know that what I want is not always the best thing for me, otherwise I would be bankrupt and living in England somewhere wishing i would have listened to Dustin. What i really need is for my heart to want what God wants. For my heart to beat with His in every step of my life. Then I would find peace and satisfaction in every area instead of frustration and confusion. I have to realize that the things I want are not always good or even logical for that matter. They are as important as a Tweety Bird tattoo.

C.S. Lewis said: God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.

SO true. So true.

This poor person was at the legal tattoo age at the height of Tweety mania sweeping the nation.


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2 responses to “update: why can’t i just get what i want. part deux

  1. Dustin Groeneman

    what about tweety peeing on a “ford” logo? surely that would still be cool?

  2. Mary Hendrickson

    ahhh, sweet tweety bird. i remember those night shirts very well. 🙂 Ha!

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