finish strong- for Judi Free

As some of you might have noticed- I started off rarin’ to go on this blog, writing like 4 blogs a day for a few days. But as a testimony to how I am- I have tapered off as the initial excitement wore off. I am like that in so many areas of my life. I decide (whole-heartedly) that I am going to do something, something that I am SUPER excited about. Like one summer I decided to walk around this huge golf course near our apt every evening. In all the walk takes 1 hour and I thought, “yeah man, I can do that! Every day after work I will walk for 1 hour.” I thought it would be great to be outside, have time to myself, have time just for me and God. Can you guess how many days in a row I actually did it? 2 times. MAYBE 3.

That is just who I am. I am the go-getter. The one that gets everyone else into an idea, convincing them that it is the best idea EVER. That they would be crazy not to join me or think just like me. This is not really a bad thing, I kind of like it about myself. What I do not like is when I poop out before the end and then feel ashamed of myself and embarrassed around anyone that I convinced to join me in whatever endeavor I was so pumped about. Poor Dustin, he experiences this way too often.

Welp-I hope that this blog will teach me a small lesson in taking things one day at a time and sticking with them. I am going to TRY and write 1 blog at least 5x a week.




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2 responses to “finish strong- for Judi Free

  1. Judi

    HA! Thank you! You just described me too…

    Being a strong finisher is my never-ending goal that is always just out of reach.

  2. This is a GREAT post. Thanks for your honesty! I REALLY love that you love . . .to . . uh write . . . So yeah, also one of the things that I Really enjoy . . . is ….

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