judgement schumjudgment- learn from someone who has been there.

Being in judgment towards another person is so dangerous. Maybe someone hurt you once and there never was a resolution, maybe you never got the apology you felt you deserved, and now you can not get the person off of your mind. They could be a million miles away and still it feels as if they are right next to you making your life hell. If you are unsure if you are in judgment towards another person, here are 10 sure-fire signs that you could have fallen into the familiar trap- spoken by a person who has been the “judger” the “victim” and the victorious one!

10. You have an un-canny ability to know every fault and short coming that the person has.

9. You always somehow find yourself in a conversation discussing the short-comings of the person with a person who feels the same way. You don’t even know how, people just know to tell YOU all the faults of the person and you happily lend a listening ear and a voice of agreement.

8. You can’t seem to stop thinking about this person, how terrible they are and how much you wish others would see the truth about them.

7. You feel justified in treating them badly, and wish more people would join you in doing so.

6. You have more imaginary conversations with the person than real ones.

5. You want so badly for them to be “found out”. “If only their boss, boyfriend, friends, pastor, ect. knew the truth about them.”

4. The situation seems to get worse and worse every day. You feel more and more burdened and stressed by it.

3. You think you have received “insight” from the Holy Spirit on why the person is so terrible, and all the information points back to the thought that they need to change.

2. You have not talked to the person directly about the problem.

1. You have not asked God to heal you of the offense the person caused.

One last one: Every time you pray about the person you seem to be praying, “God please help this person see all the ways they need to change”. And for some reason you don’t ever hear back from God.

Just remember: you will not find any relief from the situation until you forgive them and let God be their judge- not you. You were never meant to carry that responsibility. You have been forgiven so much, you can forgive someone of their debt- that might even mean you never get the apology or change that you feel you deserve.



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2 responses to “judgement schumjudgment- learn from someone who has been there.

  1. Tyler

    lol, this is a good post. very incisive.

    so true, I don’t like how much of myself I see in those 10 simple propositions.

  2. one more thing: the insight from the Holy Spirit has to be the best one.

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