LOST with your 2 favorite nerds: Kate and Shelley

Shelley Jones and I love LOST. We love talking about LOST almost as much as we love watching it. Here are some recent thoughts that we would like to share with you on the current LOST happenings:

Here is the latest- The Oceanic 6 are: Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sayid (who is working for BEN!?), Sun and I guess baby Aaron (who Kate is claiming is her baby- so what the heck happened to Claire? Is she dead??) Speaking of dead- the person who might not be dead is Jin. His gravestone said he died on Sept 22, the day of the crash. Maybe he had to stay behind to help Sun get off the island, or maybe he died helping her escape. But he def did not die on Sept 22. Michael is baaaaaccckk and is on the freighter. Apparently him and Walt didn’t get too far in their little boat adventure after leaving the island. Everyone hates Michael. He killed Ana Lucia and Libby (Hurley’s true love). I hope Michael has been hating that stupid freighter and Sayid whoops his butt.

THE LOST SCOOP with Shelley Jones

(“My sources are credible. I swear.”)

In the upcoming episode, truth will be exposed. We’ll learn the facts from the betrayal of Michael. The backstabbing. The manipulation. The selfishness. While many sources say he’ll be the focus of episode S4E08, the majority of the episode will actually be Walt-centric. Now for the surprise we never saw coming…reliable sources on set defiantly claim…Walt was conceived of a polar bear. His eerie infatuation with such a geographically misplaced animal is just his child-like instinct to long for his mother. Torn from her furry grip at a young age, the BoyBear (aka Walt) craves her beautifully vicious love. Who could blame him? The explanation of Walt’s rapid growth can easily be traced back to the DNA found in polar bears. Their growth rate exceeds even that of a fly. Mature, mature, mature. It’s what they do best. And naturally, so does Walt. His cells are like rabbits breeding, multiplying at rates we so do not wish to keep up with.

Final comments: the episode is said to involve a reuniting of LOST relationships. However the use of tranquilizer darts by one or both parties is said to be severely abused. Will Walt be torn from Momma Bear for good?

Momma Bear depicted in Walt’s photo album just minutes after he was snatched from her care.

Rapidly-growing Walt in search of maternal love.


THE LOST SCOOP with Kate Groeneman

Thursday’s episode is all about Michael, or should we call him Kevin now? and what he and Walt have been up to since they sailed away into the sunset leaving Kate, Jack and Sawyer to endure a whole season of being kept in random animal cages. I am not exactly happy to see Michael again, he and Walt were annoying. But hopefully he will get what he deserves for killing Libby and Ana Lucia. I think he is the person in the coffin in Jack’s flashforward… making sense why no one would come to his stupid funeral.

Here is another theory: Ben and his child hood love, Annie, will get a flashback- did he kill her with all the other Dharma peeps or did he spare her from the gas-choking carnage? Maybe he spared her and they grew older and she (uh-oh) got pregnant…

The Greatest new character is by far Daniel Faraday. He is so great, he is like Crispin Glover as George McFly in Back to the Future.

I can just hear him saying “I write stories… Science Fiction stories.”

If you have any LOST question (Brian Morris, we are talking to you…) please feel free to submit them in the comments section. Shelley and I will answer them with all-knowing LOST wisdom and you will benefit greatly.


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2 responses to “LOST with your 2 favorite nerds: Kate and Shelley

  1. Brian

    I talked to Dustin about Jin being in the future and Son being in the past. Holy Lord your program is confusing.

  2. whenever i see jeremy davies, i can’t help but think that he only has one character he’s ever able to really portray on screen and it’s best exemplified in his role in “Solaris.”

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