Mr. Stewart Loves His Trekkies

Sir Patrick Stewart is currently starring in Macbeth on Broadway and was being interviewed by Nicki Goslin with Newsweek, worst interview ever. Here is most of it:

Did you ever get sick of the jumpsuit on “Star Trek”?
Sick of it? I came to loathe it. We actually got rid of it after the second season thanks to my chiropractor, who said if they don’t take you out of that costume we are going to slap a lawsuit on Paramount for the lasting damage done to your spine.

How does a jumpsuit damage your spine?
They were made from Lycra and one size too small. The producers wanted to have a smooth, unwrinkled look. It put a terrible amount of strain on the shoulders, neck and back.

When you’re onstage, aren’t you worried about weird Trekkie fans in the audience?
Oh, come on, that’s just a silly thing to say.

But they are weird.
How many do you know personally? You couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s the thing: if you say the fans are weird, that means there is something essentially weird about the show, and there is nothing weird about it. I’m very passionate when people like you snigger.

Thank you, Captain Picard, for defending me against any reporter that would dare say I am “weird”. We love a great TV show, okay? Whats the big freaking deal? Get over it Nicki Goslin. You are weird. You ask stupid questions.

A pic from Patrick Stewart on Extras. Awesome.



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2 responses to “Mr. Stewart Loves His Trekkies

  1. dustin groeneman

    Wow! He had a lot of guts calling that guy a “snigger”.

  2. yes, cause trekkies have no sense of theatre etiquette and yell out randomly during live shows. we just always want to quote star trek! we’ll be damned if a little mood lighting and people talking on a stage is going to stop us, much less patrick stewart being one of those people on stage. wtf!?!? that is one bad interview. i hope that guy who sniggered at mr. stewart has other plans for his future, cause i don’t think interviewing is his thing.

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