the end of an era

If you have known me for very long, you know that i could always be found driving around a tiny, silver car that i lovingly named “the bean”. If you talk to Kate Ferg she will call it “the booger”. she is wrong. that is not the name, nor has it ever been. my loving parents bought this car for me when i was a jr. in high school and i have not looked back since. i have had a lot of pretty great memories in that car, summer nights, road-trip adventures, winter retreats, singing really really loud to Mariah Carey, and sliding into other objects on a snowy day.

I am sad to inform you all that the bean has come to an end. A attack of the ol’ transmission, I’m ‘fraid. If you yourself have enjoyed one of the many adventures the bean took us on, then you may be a bit sad (k. ferg, i am talking to you.) but don’t worry! Me and Dustin bought a new car!!! Honda Element in black, baby! I now find myself saying, “bean? what bean?” (I move on from things pretty quick…)

anybody up for some “car camping”???

this isn’t actually our new car, it is some other dude’s from google images. i will get some pics up soon.



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4 responses to “the end of an era

  1. Judi

    Congrats! I hate car shopping, but I love having a new reliable car.

  2. wkvancil

    What is your new car name?

  3. I think your new car should be named “Capitain Piccard”

  4. thatgirlkate

    YES! Josh, that is a rad name. I will bring it before the board of directors (Dustin) for approval.

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