House Concerts and Old Friends

Before Dustin and I moved to Denver, we had an awesome community of friends, artists and musicians that would meet every Monday at our house under the disguise of a “small group”, really it was just an excuse to hang out. I know this small group meant a lot to us and the faithful group that attended.

There were a few different local bands represented in that group, and a few that have formed since then. Here is an article high lighting Castles and Winderous Igloos, Matt Sage and Ryan Hover’s bands:



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2 responses to “House Concerts and Old Friends

  1. Judi

    let’s start a new “small group”…please?

  2. thatgirlkate

    Judi, I am so down with starting a group like this again. I think we have a great group of people who would join us.

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