little rituals… or superstitions?

Ritual #1: To Do Lists.

One thing that I get a weird pleasure from is writing “To Do” lists. I just love them. I write at least 2 every day for work stuff or home stuff or even fun stuff. If I don’t write a To Do list I will just sit and be lost… time will just pass by. My favorite thing is crossing off of the listed items that needed to be done, it is so satisfying to me and makes me feel accomplished. My purse is over flowing with little slips of paper with things like “go to the store”, “buy baby shower present”, “call emily”, “go for walk”…

You may think that I am overly organized and I need to relax and loosen up, but honestly this may be the only part of my life that is this organized. Maybe that is why I get so much pleasure from my lists. It is chaos in management.

Ritual #2: Taking Vitamins.

I know that there is the healthy, normal way of taking vitamins each day, but I have become very superstitious and obsessive over taking vitamins each morning. If I accidentally leave the house with out taking my vitamins I get all paranoid that I will be tired and get sick for sure at some point in the day. There have even been days that I have taken 1-too-many vitamins thinking it will turn into a Super-Vitamin in my stomach and give me super-human strength and the ability to fly.

Ritual #3: Saying “I love you” to family members.

I have a fear that if I do not say “I love you” to a family member, either on the phone or in person, when I am saying good bye that something bad will happen and I will never have a chance to say it again. I think this has come from watching way too many Dateline NBC’s on scary things that happen to people and how the last thing a family member got to say was something like “oh, and don’t forget to pick up some milk” instead of “I love you” and they regret it forever. Wow, this is suddenly depressing, isn’t it?



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2 responses to “little rituals… or superstitions?

  1. I am kind of obsessed with my vitamins as well.

  2. wkvancil

    I say the whole “I love you” thing as well… It just makes me feel better knowing I said it, just in case…

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