Pastor Pat Mahoney is amazing.

update on this “vague” post: My dad (Pat Mahoney) and Pastor Hugh are finally stepping into the 21st Century and discovering that if someones name appears in any context on the internet you can find them via Google. To their surprise, the internet is the Wild West and anyone can say anything about you online. Anyone discovered the “Marilyn Hickey- Fairy Godmother of the Faith movement” website when googling Pastor Marilyn’s name? N E way… my dad and Pastor Hugh wanted to see how long it would take for someones name to be written about then found on google. So far it is has been about 2 hours and no go. What an exciting experiment! Maybe next we can all grow grass in different soils and see which grows fastest!



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5 responses to “Pastor Pat Mahoney is amazing.

  1. Judi

    oh…I love to show baby boomers the beauty of internets. aren’t they so cute?

  2. ur dad is pretty amazing. let’s hope he finds this and he’ll see what a suck-up i am. 🙂

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