1 Week until LOST returns!!!

For all of you doubters who think that LOST had lost its way or that the the writers have no clue where the show is headed, now is the time to tune back in. Here is a list of “promised” revelations in the final 5 episodes of Season 4:

We will learn how the O6 leave the island

What happens to those who stay behind
Why Sayid is working for Ben
Who is in the coffin
New “Game Changer” at end of this Season
Episode 9 is a Ben Flash Forward
Smokey will appear and we will learn a “new dimension” of it
A “major” and “mysterious” story line for Claire will begin, that setup the next few episodes and “years”!!
Episode 10 is a Jack flash forward
Only one flashback – Previous spoilers here reveal a potential Locke FB in episode 11
We will see ALL 3 levels of the Orchid and learn about the time traveling (warping) abilities
Penny, Richard and Abaddon all appear
Daniel Faraday and Miles will have to wait until next season for more of their story
Hurley will encounter Smokey
Finale Kiss will “complicate” the triangle between Kate, Jack and Sawyer
Sawyer will be involved in “frantic” gun battle

I am really sorry to those who are not LOST fans, this post must seem ridiculous to you. But then again, you don’t watch LOST, so you seem ridiculous to me! 🙂



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4 responses to “1 Week until LOST returns!!!

  1. *quivers in anticipation.

    I am so excited for some FREAKING ANSWERS!

  2. ps – “Finale Kiss will “complicate” the triangle between Kate, Jack and Sawyer”

    that gives me funny mental images. Is Jack going to start randomly making out with Sawyer? lol.

  3. thatgirlkate

    I thought the same thing about Sawyer and Jack! How “complicated” are they going to make that story!?!

  4. Maybe a baby?

    I am really really really excited for the ben flash forward

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