What Marriage is not.

Marriage is not the solution to your struggles and temptations. Marriage is a safe place to overcome them.

Marriage is not the answer to your insecurities. Marriage is a place to find love and acceptance.

Marriage is not a healer. Marriage is created by the healer.

Marriage does not satisfy every need. Marriage is a place to find the One who can.

Marriage is not two perfect people finding one another. Marriage is two broken and flawed people who love each other anyway.

Marriage is not always getting. Marriage is always giving.

Marriage is not miserable and meant for disaster. Marriage is fun, exciting, and wonderful.

Marriage is not exactly like your own parents. Marriage is what you make it.

Marriage is not the same love as your wedding day. Marriage is better every day that passes.



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2 responses to “What Marriage is not.

  1. shelleyjones

    I love this! Obviously I have no idea what marriage is really like but I just might print this off and paste it on my forehead in hopes of downloading the info through osmosis. Dysfunctional people like me need such things. 🙂

  2. Ooooh, I like this one. Well said.

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