seriously guilty pleasure.

Yes, I am a crazy old cat lady stuck inside a twenty-somethings body.

I admitted to this on the internet for all to see. I am not ashamed. Well, actually, I kind of am.

Can you top this?



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13 responses to “seriously guilty pleasure.

  1. Judi

    If this is a real book, I need it ASAP! Mark and I decided that true artists are ALWAYS cat people. We need to have you over to meet our sweet kitties.

  2. thatgirlkate

    Yes, this is a real book! I picked it up at the library yesterday. I was so embarrassed by it that I hid it under other books as I was checking out. But when I got home I read some great classic cat tales and enjoyed myself immensely. We have a cat- Ripley. I would LOVE to meet yours, Judi!

  3. I like cat’s but that book is ridiculous! haha. I can just imagine you at the library with Kafka’s Metamorphesus, Keuroac’s Dharma Bums and “Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul”

  4. haha, this is probably really mean of me to pass along to you, but I think you’ll have a sense of humor about it.

    I showed my friend this book cover, and his response was:

    “i hope that Amazon sends a nice bag of anthrax along to anyone who orders that book. ”


  5. ok, more funny was the response to the anthrax comment:

    “hahaha. whatever happened to anthrax anyway? i bet amazon really did hoard it all back in 2003.”

  6. thatgirlkate

    Wow, Kafka’s Metamorphosis?! Fantastic comparison. I agree, this book should be burned, it is shameful that I like it so much. Anthrax is a bit too far… we don’t need to kill off all the Kate’s and Judi’s who enjoy this fine piece of American literature.

  7. we love you just as you are. Hell, I enjoy the movie “dumb and dumberER”

  8. thatgirlkate

    Now that is just sad. Dumb and Dumberer?
    Josh, did you get my email?

  9. What email address did you send it to? I don’t see anything.

  10. wkvancil

    Kate, you are going to be the old lady with a cat library…

  11. ok, sorry, I don’t check that email too much. replied!

  12. shelleyjones

    I might’ve just barfed a little bit. It’s the book…but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you!

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