library adventures

Dustin and I are crazy library fanatics. We go to the library almost every day. Usually we scour the CD’s and DVD’s, then we pick up a book or two. Or in my case 5 books, hey they are there, they are free, and they look interesting. Most of the time I only actually read 1 or 2, but scan through all of them. Here is a sampling of the books and CD’s I am currently listening to or reading:



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10 responses to “library adventures

  1. those look interesting! I am such a slow reader. It takes me forever to get through books. I need to get better at that, because I really enjoy reading. Next up on my list is “Everything is Illuminated”.

  2. Judi

    What library do you guys go to?? I haven’t been in a library since high school…I’m interested in joining one of your adventures.

  3. thatgirlkate

    I heard “Everything is Illuminated” is a fantastic book. I should check that one out next time.

  4. thatgirlkate

    Judi, we go to the Lone Tree Library which is apart of Douglas County libraries. But Koelbel library near the church on Orchard and Holly is a really great one too. It has lots of music, movies and plenty of books. ha

  5. shelleyjones

    I am book.

  6. i love the koelbel library. however, my last book there was a really slow read for me. And even tho they have online access where you can prolong your checkout time, i didn’t do that. so, they sent me a letter saying that my book was 50 days overdue and if not returned in 10 days, they would send a creditor after me. so sad! i’m waiting out the shame…

  7. thatgirlkate

    Teresa, 50 days overdue?!? I didn’t know that the library could get so nasty with creditors and all. That is just mean. But 50 days is quite a lot…

  8. Is “Beautiful Boy” about the part in Mr. Holland’s Opus where he sings and signs the song out to his son, Cole??? “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…bbboooyyyy.”

  9. shelley – that is a john lennon song. He wrote it for Sean Lennon.

  10. yes kate, 50 is a lot. it’s a pathetic amount of days overdue… *sigh*

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