a rant

A term that I hate is “burden on society”. I despise the very root and nature of a term like that. Does this mean that the person stating this term is in some way “imperative to society”? Since when are we categorized in this way? This term implies that our very value and worth is what society as a whole gains from our existence. Who is this “society” anyway? Who is this unseen, unfeeling mass that we use as a form of arranging people and assigning them to a specific class?

The term “burden on society” in context to mentally handicapped and elderly means 2 things to me:

1) That society is somehow responsible to take of and manage those deemed “a burden” thus feeling weighed down and used by their presence.

2) That our country on a whole has lost a heart to honor the elderly and care for the sick. This type of thinking can start with aborting sick, unwanted babies and euthanizing the elderly.

Today I ran across a message board of a woman explaining that she would, without question, abort a child that had down syndrome, stating that they have “half a personality” and would be a “burden on society”. How pathetic. Could we be any more selfish, self serving, self seeking?

The last time I checked every relationship I have in my life in some form has been a burden to varying degrees. And in the same way, I have been a burden to others. From small petty things to large, life changing things, but that does not mean that I do not love them, learn from them, grow from them, and embrace them.

Are we going to let this term “burden on society” continue to validate our selfish motives?



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3 responses to “a rant

  1. agreed. seems like quite the scapegoat.

  2. stuff like that is heartbreaking.

  3. unrelated: the new Lost was ridiculous. So intense!

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