LOST episode 9

Last nights episode in typical LOST fashion, answered a couple questions, but brought a dozen more up. The most amazing part of last night was Ben entering some secret room and seemingly summoning the smoke monster to attack the “security” team from the freighter. That was insane. I also did not expect for that guy to actually kill Ben’s daughter, that was a surprise and it actually made me feel bad for Ben.

So can Ben just enter through this door and be transported through time to Tunisia? Is this why they found a polar bear in the middle of the desert in the first episode of this season? Are we going to actually see Jacob in the next episode? Did Ben actually kill Nadia to have Sayid killing for him? Is Claire really going to die?

Only 4 episodes left until the end of Season 4!



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4 responses to “LOST episode 9

  1. I can’t believe ben can control the smoke monster. Ridic.

  2. Also, I find the whole thing between ben and charles to be interesting. My theory is that Charles originally started the Dharma Initative, and then Ben overtook it. Obviously they have some kind of “understanding” that was breached during this episode.

    Also: I think Sayid will have an altercation with Desmond in a flashforward. Since Desmond was already the island, Charles didn’t fake his death, so he will make it back un-noticed.

  3. shelleyjones

    i deciphered the hieroglyphs (sp?). they say: mom went to get dinner but the mammoth stepped on her. have any idea what the heck that means and how it pertains to lost??

  4. Andrew

    I watched this one today. Stoked

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