The most exciting Bachelor in Bachelor history

There are many things that I find entertaining about The Bachelor. One is that every episode something historical happens. Last night it was the “most emotional rose ceremony in Bachelor history.” Last week it was the “most romantic date in Bachelor history” and the final episode is said to be “the most shocking proposal in Bachelor history”. These are historic events that are unfolding before my very eyes. If you have not been watching then I will give you a Bachelor History lesson:

The final 2 contestants are Shayne Lamas, daughter of well-respected actor Lorenzo Lamas from “Renegade”. This guy. Remember him? Pretty hilarious.

A couple favorite quotes from Shayne are “Are there palm trees in London?”, “yes my dad is lorenzo lamas. He is kinda a big deal.” and the best quote yet was Shayne defending her blonde locks by stating, “I love being blonde. I have been blonde since I was 13.” yeah…ok. She is an actress who insists she is there for the “right reasons”. If by right reasons she means making out on the beach, displaying how she can do splits on a trampoline in a swimming suit and getting drunk then yelling at the Bachelor, then yes she is there for the right reasons. Here is beautiful, blonde Shayne-

The other contestant left is Chelsea. She is not nearly as entertaining as Shayne, in fact she barely speaks and she bores me to tears. She doesn’t even let The Bachelor hold her hand, she says she finds it annoying and embarrassing. The only thing that was embarrassing is when she changed into some black nightgown sans undergarments and told Matt she would show him her “intimate side”. Gross. No thank you.

Which sad spinster will this handsom, English devil choose to fake propose to on national television?

Find out next time on the Bachelor: London Calling.



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7 responses to “The most exciting Bachelor in Bachelor history

  1. emilia anor lovise liepa

    i vote chelsea!

    which British dialect uses ‘f’ for ‘th’? is it cockney? and have you and dustin seen ‘in bruges’? (if not, do! 🙂

  2. shelleyjones

    I love history! Thanks for filling me in on the historical TV moments that’ll never ever be forgotten. Ever!

  3. shelleyjones

    p.s. i love that dudes locks. so wavy like delicious potato chips.

  4. kate g

    Emily you vote for Chelsea??!!! Oh man, are you watching the same show I am? That girl doesn’t even like Matt. remember that part, “I made more eye contact with the sea turtle”. That was hilarious.

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