chubby girl meets dream come true: giant pancake

A few Saturday’s ago Dustin and I were out driving around. It was about 11:00am, prime Saturday-pancake time. We were passing a classy pancake establishment called IHOP where we spotted a poor, poor fellow dressed in a high-quality pancake outfit waving a IHOP sign to the passing cars. He was not one of those way-too excited guys who hold signs and with their Ipods on and dance like idiots on the side of the road. This guy looked like he would rather be dead then be doing this on a Saturday morning, or anytime for that matter. He was so annoyed and obviously embarrassed and uncomfortable. Probably cussing under his breath. Now let me explain this pancake costume-it was huge and it completely covered every part of this guy except his face which fit in a nice hole on the front of the pancake. Pancake face. He had glossy-white tights and huge, cartoon-like white shoes. We see this guy from a block away and naturally giggle and start making fun of him. Little did we know the best part was just around the corner.

Apparently on this day there was a little girl who woke up hungry for pancakes. The night before she was probably dreaming about walking pancakes that were holding signs. She woke up that day to find her dream come true. Dustin and I drove by pretty slowly, laughing at the man, then as the pancake turned sideways it revealed this very round 11 year old girl sitting 2 feet away from the pancake man with hungry eyes and syrup hiding behind her back. (I didn’t actually see this syrup, but I swear it was there). It is sad to think that at some point someone had to let her know that the dancing, annoyed pancake was not real and that, no, she could not pour blueberry syrup on him and use a giant fork and knife to eat it up. And no, there is not a factory somewhere that produces man sized, talking pancakes. Some dreams are shattered early in life, and that fateful Saturday a little chubby girl’s dream of eating a irritated, cursing pancake came to an end.



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4 responses to “chubby girl meets dream come true: giant pancake

  1. awesome story…you gotta catch that stuff on you camera phone!!!

  2. We had IHOP last night. A few observations:

    1. Is it really international? Or do they just call it that because they serve crepes and sweidish pancakes?

    2. My stomach feels like a tub of syphilis and pickle juice.

    3. The servers there are actually incredible.

  3. shelleyjones

    oh! I wish I was there to see that. you two got a jewel of a moment with “chubbycakes!”

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