it’s May Day and it’s snowing.

Instead of focusing on the depressing snow outside, I am going to share with you a virtual day at the beach with me and my sister. Now if only I could make a way to hear the sound of waves crashing and the feeling of sand in your flip flops…

(yes, my hair use to be black.)



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5 responses to “it’s May Day and it’s snowing.

  1. wow…I can’t even recognize you with black hair. It looks great – you can pull off anything. Although you look amazing in these photos, they just remind me how my body is not beach ready – HA~

  2. I want to be at a beach right now so badly!

  3. shelleyjones

    I reading this with snow melting down my neck while wearing soggy socks on my feet. But I’ve escaped reality and am on the beach with you and Mary.

  4. I had so much fun with you guys last night! thanks for the invite. You are my new favorite group to watch lost with.

  5. Mary Hendrickson

    Oh, we look so happy and young and free! This makes me crave sun and ocean badly! How ’bout another vacation soon?? 🙂

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