that’s “Pastor” Kate to you, bub.

This Sunday Pastor Reece will be announcing the new Children’s Pastor, Marche Heath, who is going to rock the house with the Children’s Ministry at ORCC. Also this Sunday Pastor Reece will be introducing me as the Assistant Children’s Pastor which is a promotion for me and even makes me Pastor Kate. Pritty….Pritty…. crazy. They are going to be handing out these “bio” sheets on each of us which includes a nice little picture of me and dustin and some info on us. Have you ever had to sit down and write something about yourself for 1000 people to read? It is ridiculously hard to do. Every time I start writing it sounds like an obituary. “Kate Groeneman, daughter of Pat and Sharon Mahoney, was an adoring wife and a avid cat lover.” Luckily I have a really sweet mama who happens to also be a great writer, so she helped me write the bio.

This same sweet mama, has also now started a blog. Please welcome her to the blog world, read and comment:



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3 responses to “that’s “Pastor” Kate to you, bub.

  1. seanmichaelbrage

    way to be, Pastor!

  2. I wanna hang with your mom. She seems nice hah.

  3. shelleyjones

    All my friends are becoming pastors…you, Whitney, Kindra. Crazy! And Cool. I’ve decided that I’m not going to call you all Pastor so-and-so unless I’m really upset with you and call you by your full name like your mom does when you ‘forget’ to clean your room.

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