spring is here

last night dustin and i went for a walk and somewhat purposefully got caught in the rain. lightening was flashing and thunder was rumbling, we were giddy with excitement, until of course the rain starting pelting our faces, we were freezing and about a mile away from home. But still, it was perfect. Spring is here and summer is so close… shorts, pools, flip flops, green grass, flowers, warm nights and long days.

I come alive from May to September.

dustin and i- spring 2007



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4 responses to “spring is here

  1. Mark and I would have started crying and fighting if we were caught in the rain…we hate the rain!

    You look like a totally different person with black hair!

  2. shelleyjones

    awesome picture! let’s get the group together and have a summertime poolside bbq!!


  4. DuhChee

    Seriously? Black hair? Which color is natural? I am so confused now. 🙂 By the way – my impression of people in Colorado is that they wear shorts, flip flops and drive subarus year round, not just in the spring. But otherwise a nice place to live 🙂

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