kitty joy

I have noticed a disturbing trend occurring at our home: friends come over and meet Ripley, to our dismay they discover a moody, brooding cat who growls and purrs simultaneously and confuses people. So I decided to post a picture of the kitty I know and LOVE, he is so happy. He is practically hugging himself! Look at that soft tummy and cute little head. He is so precious. This is a glimpse of the kitty we live with for all of those who don’t believe us. He really can be sweet and cuddly. I don’t know why he is Satan to our guests and I apologize on behalf of our cat. Please forgive his snobbery.



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9 responses to “kitty joy

  1. wkvancil

    I know deep down he loves us all! 😉

  2. Ha! Bono & Baby Free are the same way. It’s a secret love affair and I’m fine with that.

  3. pb&shelley

    I still hesitate to believe you. Ever since he bared his claws at me and hissed until he went hoarse I haven’t been able to view him as a cute little cuddly kitty. Scarred.

  4. O Ripley, you are so misunderstood. He’s sweet to me, usually! I tell Abby the Tabby and I know she will be praying for him 🙂
    hey finally got a new laptop! Hallelujah…no you really don’t know how glad I am!

  5. thatgirlkate

    He is misunderstood! Thanks for your prayers mom, and Abby the Tabby. 🙂
    Congrats mom! I’m so glad you finally have a new laptop. boy did you need one.

  6. I am going to work on earning his trust.

  7. Speaking of Abby, she finally talked me into getting a page on the blog…take a peek under CATS!

  8. Mary Hendrickson

    Are you sure he looks like he’s hugging himself or is he just brewing all of his satanic evil inside before he pounces on all of us when we try to come visit? 🙂 Just kiddin, baby sis. He’s a cutie, though, I’ve never experienced it first hand.

  9. As someone who also lives with a cat who doesn’t like visitors (or even, really my mother who lives with us…) I can relate. “He really isn’t like this…!”

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