music that changed my life

There have been moments in my life where someone introduced me to a song or a band and i said to myself “what……..this….? How have I lived without this music?” Here is a timeline and examples of some of these moments:

1st-5th grade: Michael W. Smith- Change Your World. Just the whole CD. I would make up dances in my room to Colorblind and I Will Be Here For You.

6th Grade: The Smashing Pumpkins-1979. Me and my sister were not allowed to watch MTV. Which made sense since I was like 12. But there would be times that I would get to sneak a few minutes of the top video countdown. I remember one sunny afternoon sitting 10 inches from the TV and seeing the video for 1979 for the first time. It was quite a moment.

7th Grade: Mariah Carey-Always Be My Baby. My friend made me a mix tape with this song on it, along with Brandy’s “Sittin’ Up in My Room”. I would put the tape in the tape player, fast forward to Mariah, play and rewind it over and over.

8th Grade: The year of SKA. OC Supertones, No Doubt. The Song that made me stop in amazement was “Don’t Speak”. I remember going to a Jennifer Knapp, OC SUpertones, Audio Adrenaline concert with my fellow Ska friends and having a conversation as Audio Adrenaline was setting up. We swore to each other that there would NEVER be a time we didn’t love ska. Never. How could we ever NOT love ska? Welp 10 years later I see the flaw in that logic.

9th grade: Lauryn Hill “That Thing”. I loved this song, and I loved the entire Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album. This album made history. I wrote down all the lyrics to “That Thing” so that I could have them memorized word-for-word just in case the song ever started at a party and I needed to do a solo. I still know every word to this song- “girl you know you better watch out….”

10th Grade: This was a dark age of music for me. I was somehow tricked into listening to KS 107.5 and enjoying it. It made me feel “cool”. Fortunately there was a very important bright, shining moment for me musically this year. This was the year that Coldplay released Parachutes. My sister and I still argue over who discovered “Yellow” first. I swear it was me.

11th grade: This must have been a pretty sad year because I can not remember any music that struck me during this time.

12th grade: Radiohead: “Exit Music (for a Film)”. Need I say more? This was the year I turned off the radio and started diving into the world of Radiohead, The Cranberries, The Smashing Pumpkins, Counting Crows, and U2 thanks to a couple key friends who made mix CD’s for me. The first time I heard “Exit Music” I stopped and said “what……….this….?” I was in awe.

19 years old: I met Dustin in England. He asked if I had ever heard Bjork before. I really liked Dustin so I said yes I had, when in fact all I knew was she was the chick who wore a goose around her neck. He said you need to hear this song and played for me “Joga” from Homogenic. Wow. Incredible. Dustin and I have now gone to see Bjork 2 times at Red Rocks. She changed music for me in an important way. This same year I discovered The Flaming Lips, The Streets, Jeff Buckley and David Grey. This was a HUGE year for me musically.

20 years old: The Smiths- “There is a Light that Never Goes Out”. Enough Said. If you know The Smiths you know how important this song is.

21 years old: Music has changed since I have been married. Maybe there is less drama in my life to attach songs to emotionally, but I haven’t had the same poignant moments with music as I did in High School. Everything felt so raw, new, emotional in High School. But when I was 21 I was newly married and loved listening to Ryan Adams Love Is Hell Part One. Favorite Song: Avalanche. Ryan Adams is special to me and Dustin.



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9 responses to “music that changed my life

  1. This is such a good idea! I am going to blog my “musical history”! A couple things:

    -I am still to this day mesmerized by the music video to 1979, it is so freaking fun!
    -I hated radiohead when I first listened to them in 10th grade. Then I realized I was retarded.
    -Love is Hell has to be one of the most depressing albums ever, but it is so damn good! Did you know that he wrote it the year after his girlfriend of 4ish years died tragically?

  2. you are so grounded!

  3. Please don’t tell my mom that I secretly watched MTV too on occasion, your mom grounded you…that’s punishment enough for the both of us….

  4. thatgirlkate

    Mom you can’t ground me! Dustin said so!

  5. pb&shelley

    bliggity bloggin’ great idea! but where is dc talk in all this mix? and amy grant?!?! i know you used to dance the night away to amy’s albums. who didn’t?

  6. teresap

    yes yes yes on bjork, the smiths and lauryn hill for me. i can tell you what time of my life those cds had an impact on my life.
    i hate to tell you kate, your mom can ground you whenever. that’s her right as your mom. sorry.

  7. thatgirlkate

    Yes, Shelley, you are right- Amy Grant “Angles Watching Over Me” was the song that me and mary would dance our little hearts out to. DC Talk was pretty significant, especially “Colored People”. I really had a thing with songs talking about people of different colors. weird.

  8. was it really the “1979” video that amazed you? are you sure it wasn’t “tonight, tonight” ?
    Maybe you were just more mature than me, but when I was 12 and first saw the Smashing Pumpkins, it was the Melies-copy special effects of “tonight, tonight” not the teenage wasteland of “1979” that got me all a-twitter

    still not on blogroll. boo.

  9. Andrew

    Weird. I have been listening to “the queen is dead” a bunch over the last month. Did you know that Anberlin did a cover of that song? I don’t like it much but I liked knowing that they like the smiths. AND did you know that I bought a Lauryn Hill CD with the gift card you and Dustin gave me for being an usher at your wedding?
    Also, I like some of the other CD’s you mentioned also, but I don’t really have any cool stories about them.

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