please, no more!

No more pancakes every Wednesday at 11pm. I just can’t do it anymore. I am sorry, Judi, but you are going to have to eat your pancakes that comes with your meal from now on. Please don’t tempt me by offering them and saying that they will go to waste. I love you Judi, I love you IHOP, I love you pancakes, but it’s time for me to put my foot down. Otherwise the body connected with that foot is going to be 20 pounds heavier in no time.



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5 responses to “please, no more!

  1. pb&shelley

    i woke up this morning thinking the same thing. pancakes at 11pm = sludge-in-my-blood feeling the next morning. ugh. maybe a plate of tomato slices is the best order after all?

  2. Let’s all get tomato or salad like dustin because we cant just stop going. You should try the omlet – I feel wonderful ( and losing weight)

  3. Umm, I have to agree with this post. I was a hurting unit last night. My body was actively trying to reject my meal last night. It was like having Graft-versus-host syndrome, only with pancakes.

  4. I need to be healthy once again. Pancakes =/= healthy.

  5. Um Kate, I was just reading through your blog, and I made an observation, You’re a pretty funny girl! I’m looking forward to helping you out in children’s 🙂

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