Bertolli=hot flashes

I have been really busy the past few days. Busy with really fun stuff and busy with really not-so-fun stuff. today was FULL of not-so-fun stuff. I was challenged by a Mr. Mark Thomas when first starting my blog to blog everyday. No matter what it is, just try and blog something every day. I honestly did not want to blog anything today. I feel down, really annoyed and emotional. This morning in our staff chapel they showed one of Marilyn and Sarah’s programs with Dr. Bob. If you have never seen him, he sounds like the Oxy-Clean guy but instead of talking about hard to get out coffee stains, he talks about all natural health foods- “God’s Way” of eating. Dr. Bob’s topic of choice was about his new book Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide To Balance Female Hormones. I could feel Dustin looking at me and thinking I should really listen to what this guy has to say. I have been so moody and shifting from happy to sad so fast it is hard for him to keep up. Here are a couple of facts that I gleaned from this mornings viewing:

1) if you eat a cucumber and a apple at the same time it will magically taste like watermelon in your mouth.

2) My myth that honey does not count as sugar was rebuffed.

3) Sarah Bowling does not suffer from hot flashes…yet.

4) There are good oils and bad oils. You better know the difference or your adrenal gland could be at risk.

5) Dr. Bob can make you feel really bad about yourself.

Tonight I am going to try and eat healthier (no bertolli!), hopefully by tomorrow morning my adrenals will be pumping, my calcium will be flowing, and my minerals will be sparking. I will be like a new woman!



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5 responses to “Bertolli=hot flashes

  1. Don’t let Mark get you down! He doesn’t follow his own advice. I think I need to watch that video you describe….

  2. wkvancil

    Eating healty is hard but worth it. I hated it when Travis and I started to eat super healthy… but I am so much better because of it! you can do it kate!

  3. dustin

    No Bertolli? Ay, mama!

  4. no more ihop..haha.

    We should start planning after-service picnics in the parking garage where we eat fruit and nuts haha.

  5. thisisandrearosen

    It’s so funny that you wrote this. I saw a commercial for Bertolli 2 weeks ago, and I was like “we are having that for dinner!” It just looks so nice & easy & so tasty. It still looks that way, I guess. Good luck with your new found healthy eating!

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