LOST season finale tonight!

The 2 hour Season Finale of LOST is tonight. Shelley, Josh, Dustin and I are going to sip pineapple juice from plastic coconut shaped cups and eat fishsticks in honor of the LOST castaway island diet. I have many questions I am hoping they will answer. Here is a small sampling of my questions:

1) Who is in the coffin that made Jack grow the unibomber beard and try to jump off a bridge?

2) Is the island going to “move” like bug-eyed Ben said it could be?

3) How do the Oceanic 6 get set apart from the rest of the group when they seem to be all jumbled up with ones who do not get rescued?

As usual LOST will partly answer a few questions, but leave us with about 20 more in the last 5 minutes of the finale, leaving us to quietly stare at each other for about 3 minutes after the credits start until someone finally breaks the silence with “oh man, what does that mean?!?!”

Oh LOST, how I will miss thee until next season.



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4 responses to “LOST season finale tonight!

  1. pb&shelley

    I still think someone should bring wild boar for munching on. Anywho, I’ve officially reached Peak Excitement level; my heart’s aflutterin’ and my knees are aknockin.’ Sit me down and call me Happy.

  2. all of your questions were answered!!! What an interesting season finale.

  3. Andrew

    ahhhhh. I’m downloading it right now. DARN YOU AUSTRALIA!

  4. What it everything you hoped it would be?!?!

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