Monokini- A day in the Life of Kate Groeneman.

If you want to ruin a perfectly good day, go to Target and try on swimming suits.

Here is one that I tried on today, it is called a “monokini”. Yes, a “monokini”.

This might be the swimsuit I tried on, but it’s definitely not how I looked in it standing in the Target dressing room with the bad lighting, still wearing my white socks. I had thoughts of eating less and jogging more go through my mind. About 20 minutes later I left discouraged and comforted myself with a candy bar.

Welcome to a day in my life.



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3 responses to “Monokini- A day in the Life of Kate Groeneman.

  1. ugh! i tried on a bathing suit in target a week ago. add baby body to the your equation with the bad lights and such and it’s incredibly grim. i literally laughed as i looked at myself in the mirror. i laughed… out loud! i had to laugh, or i would cry.

  2. OH MY GOSH, everything looks aweful in the lighting of a Target dressing room!! I can’t stand it! As for bathing suits….I totally give up…… I typically console my soul with a VENTI, Pepermint Mocha as I walk out of Target….Thanks for being there Starbucks..

  3. shaunah

    it is ok!!!! I try on a ton of bathing suits,and none of them look right on me!!especially in a target dressing room!!!!

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