The Summer Must List

* Taking walks outside right around 8:15 when the sun is setting and the mosquitoes are whispering secrets in your ears.

* Checking out season 6 of the X files on DVD from the library. Will Scully and Mulder just admit they are in love all ready?! I guess if the surroundings were more romantic, it’s hard to profess your love when there is a alien monster hunting you.

* Being with new friends as much as possible as late as possible.

* Using Itunes Shuffle to create Summer Mixes for car rides.

* Re-watching the British Office with the one and only Ricky Gervais.

* Reading short stories by Roald Dahl. Favorite so far: “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”.

* Summer movie trailers.

* Finding a cat leash for Ripley and taking him to the park like Dina from Alice in Wonderland.

* Speaking at Rez Jr High Summer Camp!!!

* Go camping with the crew.

* Attend at least one concert at a park.

* When given the choice, eat outside at restaurants.

* Buy huge, white sunglasses.



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6 responses to “The Summer Must List

  1. I would like to help you accomplish all of these things…minus the X-files….maybe you can do that with Josh and Shelly.

  2. I like this list.

    Have you ever read any Raymond Carver? I think you and dustin would love him. He is a short story writer. He has a collection called “Cathedral”, and it’s pretty remarkable. CZECH it OUT!

  3. wkvancil

    “Summer time, summer time, sum, sum summer time” I sang that just for you!

  4. pb&shelley

    Pact made: “best summer ever!” (but not one of those blood pacts; my mom would be very mad at me if i made one of those. we’d have to break the spiritual bonds we put on us by using blood. ugh. and ew.)

  5. thatgirlkate

    You are all invited to join me!!! In fact there are a few that I can’t accomplish without you.
    I make an oath to you… “BEST SUMMER EVER!!!”

  6. teresap

    for some major scully and mulder tension, you gotta rent the movie. oh man, tension-city! (yes, i am a major x-files fan!)

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