Summer 2008: Best Summer Ever compilation!!!

For those in our “Best Summer Ever” pact we have decided to create a compilation that encompasses the long summer nights and our crazy adventures together. Everyone can contribute one song to the mix so you better make it good. Reply to this post with your vote and I will gather all the songs and create the CD’s for us.

I am still thinking about my contribution… choosing only one song is a lot of pressure!



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7 responses to “Summer 2008: Best Summer Ever compilation!!!

  1. I feel unworthy to contribute, but I will enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  2. dustin

    Kate Bush – Cloudbusting!
    For Stars – Playing at the Party
    Ryan Adams – Dear John

  3. I think I would probably add:

    “Tangerine Speedo” – by Caviar

  4. “summertime” by nkotb

  5. pb&shelley

    celine dion: all coming back to me now

  6. thatgirlkate

    good suggestions….i think….i will begin to gather these summer tunes. Especially the speedo song.
    @ Judi: you better contribute! I know you would suggest a great song.

  7. storyteller550

    Number 1 choice would be:

    The Postmarks – Summer Never Seems to Last (very french-y beat with a singer’s voice that will addict you!)

    with a highly close number 1.5 choice being:

    Paul Wright – Flip Flop Song (can I have 2 number one choices since I have split personalities??)

    [However, you can really choose a few songs from the Postmarks cause all she seems to sing about is summer! (like “Looks Like Rain” or “Winter Spring Summer Fall”)]

    Then there’s other songs by Paul Wright: “Sunset Cliffs” or “I Can Feel Your Love” which talks about summer and God’s Love


    “La Jolla” “Little Italy” “Surfah Girl (Walking on Water)” which portray summer love.


    “There She Goes” (Paul Wright) which is definitely a loving, lost, and longing song of a summer love (and it reminds you of sitting on the beach at midnight, with the bright shining moon, reminiscing those special moments). *SIGH*

    So, to sum up the novel/reply, number one is still the Postmarks, “Summer Never Seems to Last.” All the other songs were the ones that went to war with the Postmarks on my iPod the past 1/2 hour as I debated what song to choose.


    Steve 😀

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