Baldy’s Blog: The Beginning of the End

There is a blog out of England that I have been following recently written by Adrian Sudbury, a 25 year old journalist dying from a rare form of leukemia. There are no more treatments left to offer him and his body is slowly fading away. He has done an amazing job documenting this tragedy and all the ways it affects his life and the people around him.

This post by Adrian tells how he finds out there are no more options: The Beginning of the End.

It is amazing to read a person’s thoughts and emotions as they watch their life slowly ending after only 25 years. I am assuming that Adrian does not have a relationship with Jesus due to never reading anything that would hint he does. The idea that he knows his life is ending (which all of ours will eventually) and not knowing what is coming is a very disturbing thought for me. I have thought of commenting and asking him his thoughts on the afterlife and where he stands. He has to be thinking about it all the time as he lies in bed barely able to move, talk or breath. But I feel so detached from him and am just an observer of potentially one more soul that dies without knowing Christ. It happens every day, every hour, every minute. Reading his blog just makes it more of a personal reality in my life. I feel burdened by the many times I passed up opportunities to share Christ and the thought that now they may be steps away from death just like Adrian is. Death will come to all the people we know, every co-worker, neighbor, starbucks barista, Barnes and Noble book slave, Chipotle burrito maker, friends, acquaintance, distant relative, and friends of friends.

Am I going to be unashamed of truth? Am I going to be a light in a dark world?

And the real question: Am I going to be obedient?



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6 responses to “Baldy’s Blog: The Beginning of the End

  1. wkvancil

    kate do it, be obedient, if God is calling you to talk to him then he will provide the words to say and that is one less person who will have to suffer in hell. you think he is suffering now… its so much more worse if he doesn’t know Jesus. a moment on earth is nothing compared to eternity. You can do it, the Holy Spirit will work through you I know it!

  2. i say go for it. he’s put his life or should i say ‘death’ out there for all to know so he must be open to hear what others are thinking. he needs to hear about jesus while he still has time. it’s like the people who put the “feet on the fish” bumper stickers on their cars. they make themselves known and should be magnets for our prayers and witness. go for it!!

  3. YES!! we are soul winners! Yes, yes, yes. Thank you for reminding me of that. It is our only task while we are here. We must do it. My dad teaches a class on soul winning. I’m going to ask him to walk me through it as soon as he gets here…wanna join me?

  4. Hi Kate,

    Hope you are well. This is Adrian (aka Baldy, Sudders) the author of Baldy’s Blog. Thank you for the reference to my blog I really appreciate that.

    I think one thing you need to understand is that in the UK we are much less open to the idea of shouting out about our politics or religion or faith. Culturally it’s just not what we do.

    However, I think at some point I will be posting about a few more specifics. I have recently been speaking to a lovely chaplain I met through hospital and the phrase “peace beyond peace” has been mentioned before now.

    I think, despite everything that has happened to me, I am privileged to be able to truly experience this.

    Keep reading!

    With best wishes,


  5. thatgirlkate

    @ Adrian,

    I am so totally blown away that you read my posting about your story and what will happen “after death”. I feel humbled and slightly embarrassed that you came across it. Thank you for your sweet reply, I must sound so presumptive about your life and faith. Honestly I was writing in more of a introspective sense of what I feel about death and the way it effects those around me and the the possibilities of life after death. I am excited to hear you are meeting with a chaplain and discussing “peace beyond peace” I will be praying for you, Adrian.
    God is able to make beauty from ashes.
    Love to you.

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