Little Katy’s Summer To Do list.

Actual journal entry from when I was 8 years old. July 24, 1991:

“Dear Diary Today I washed the car, cleaned the garage and went and picked up some things. Then I sat back and relaxed watching and movie called Parent Trap. Then rushed buisely back out and babby sat for 2 kids named Jordan and a baby I can’t remember his name. tomorrow I’m going to church. I have to go to clown practice. I began working out. It’s hard. I have to pick up a gallon of water and then I have to hold it up for 60 seconds then run up and down a BIG HILL. I can only use a dollar a day unless important.”



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10 responses to “Little Katy’s Summer To Do list.

  1. It doesn’t even make sense! CLOWN PRACTICE!!!!?!?!????????

  2. thatgirlkate

    I know!! I was a little clown named “Buttons” and I had to practice very hard.

  3. storyteller550

    Couple of things: I would be scared if someone babysat for my kids and didn’t know their names. LOL!!! That’s too funny! What did you call the baby?? and I relate with you on clown practice! It is a very effective ministry… just glad it wasn’t MIMES!!

    Finally, the best part is that you’ll get to relive those activities all over again, especially carrying a gallon jug of water for exercise, except it won’t be a jug of water,.. it’ll be a baby! 😀 And this type of jug grows beyond a gallon… and eats stuff… weird!

  4. Ok, there is just too much to work from here, sometimes you have to throw the little ones back.

    (In the interest of full disclosure, I too attended clown practice.) Now that that little gem is out, everyone who reads this is sworn to secrecy.

  5. pb&shelley

    as i’ve said many times before, i wish i would have known you as a little child. secondly, i think you should create a new fad-diet called Jug-Hill and get America in a craze about the latest and best form of working out. you could be famous!

  6. I’m still laughing about this…

  7. Sharon

    I definitely LOL’d at this since I remember this too. did you ever think your journaling at that age would be so entertaining?

  8. teresap

    i’m a little speechless. mostly about the “clown practice”.

    btw, i love journaling while i worship. it’s amazing how clear your mind is to hear from the Lord.

  9. Kate…this is fantastic!

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