Why Lorenzo Lamas? Why?

A little while back I posted a little somethin somethin about the shenanigans on The Bachelor and happened to include a picture of Lorenzo Lamas since his daughter, Shayne Lamas was one of the contestants and actually the winner. Ever since then I have had an incredible amount of blog traffic and hits from people searching for Lorenzo Lamas, specifically google image searching. I actually had over 300 hits of people just searching for Lorenzo today! Why people? Why? Seriously I need to know why he is so intriguing. This is the same guy who was on Renegade like a million years ago, right? Why are people needing to read about him and see google images of him? Tell me! Please don’t say it is because he is some heart throb, I might just throw up a little. No offense, Lorenzo, if you are reading this, for all I know YOU are the one googling your name 300 times a day.



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10 responses to “Why Lorenzo Lamas? Why?

  1. 300 HITS!!?!?!? I’m going to put him on my blog just for the traffic!

  2. thatgirlkate

    @ Judi- YES over 300 hits just yesterday! I have moved into a whole new number bracket in my blog stats. I can’t say I mind too much, it means people are seeing my stupid little blog.

  3. seanmichaelbrage

    Kate, look at that picture you just posted. There you go. You just answered your own questions.

  4. KATE! You are getting so much traffic because it’s the #1 google image search – freaking amazing that you have risen to the top. Enjoy the blog stat wave!

  5. thatgirlkate

    wow, lucky me to have the dumbest thing I have ever blogged about (the bachelor) being the top read post on my blog. it is embarrassing.

  6. seanmichaelbrage

    Kate, don’t reject this blessing.

  7. mbrage

    You and Judi are killing me today!

  8. obedientson

    this whole dialogue and seans 10:06 comment! LOL

  9. WELL – all of that for NOTHING! Not one single hit!

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