Luau Night ya’ll!!

Tonight we are throwing a Luau in the Kid’s Church proudly brought to you by myself and Miss Shelley Jones

We have our grass skirts, lei’s and head decor all set, we have awesome prize give-aways and even a Superman cut-out dressed in Hawaiian gear.

This is my job, people. I get paid for this.

Me, Pastor Marche’ and Shelley D. Jones



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4 responses to “Luau Night ya’ll!!

  1. WHOA WHOA!! WHERE WAS THE DRESSED UP SUPERMAN?!?!? (noticing the typing in CAPS!!!) Where was I besides everywhere and I was oblivious to Superman… LOL

    ges I forgot meh glasiz . ./

  2. now you just need pinnapple and dead pigs!

  3. wkvancil

    Aloha! you guys are to fun!

  4. I admire you guys because those headbands made me sweat after just 3 min. of wearing them – REAL TROOPERS!

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