The Police Reunion Tour 2008-4 year anniversary

Dustin and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary this week, yes we have been married for four years! Yesterday Dustin surprised me with 2 tickets to The Police and Elvis Costello show at Red Rocks.

A big thanks for Mark and Judi for the tickets-the show was completely sold out. We love you guys!!!

Sorry no pictures of The Police. My camera is just not capable of taking pictures at night, or far away, or close up or clear. If anyone would like to buy me a new camera, I would greatly appreciate it.

One last word: I am so sorry, Teresa, that you were not there with me to see Elvis and The Police. You deserved to see them way more than I did.

I have survivors guilt.



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5 responses to “The Police Reunion Tour 2008-4 year anniversary

  1. NO WAY! i’m crying on the inside. happy for you, but mourning for me.

  2. man, I would love to see elvis.

  3. so cool!!! glad you took some pictures and a little photoshop work to them! You guys are an amazing couple – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    I’m so jealous, though. My husband are huge Sting and The Police fans… we had looked at getting tickets for the reunion tour, but didn’t do it. Hope you guys had fun!

  5. ashley larrison

    hey you look awsome

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