careful little mouth what you say

I was talking with my mom this week about something that has really made me think and question things close to my heart and my beliefs, I am going to share it with you because I think it will do the same for you.

I posted something a few days ago on my blog-read here-that was pretty heart felt and more honest than some may be comfortable with. My Mom and I were at lunch and she gave me a very loving warning against putting things out there, specifically on the internet, for anyone to read and what that means not only to me personally, but to me as a Pastor and the dangers of people using that information out of context or against me. I was pretty defensive saying, “well then I don’t want to know those people.” which was really just a way to say “I want to be able to say what I want with no repercussions!” I became like a little girl with pig-tails, legs dangling off the Panera booth (as I still do when my Mom is giving me a word of correction). I was angry at the thought of not being able to be real, genuine and share that with other for the benefit of encouraging others or motivating others to do the same in order to pursue freedom from struggles.

My Mom has been in ministry for over 25 years and knows what it means to put herself out there and really share honestly about current struggles in her life, but I am new to the whole title and how it effects the way I communicate and to who. My Mom has experienced being real only to receive judgment and misunderstanding, and even losing people she called friends. The warning she was sharing was simple:

Don’t put yourself in harms way for the sake of being “real” with others. Choose wisely the places that you share and to who you are sharing it with. Not everyone walks in love and not everyone will give you grace and understanding, so only tell those who are closest to you and are trustworthy.

My mom said one thing that has really stuck with me: That my generation places peer pressure on one another to share more than they are obligated creating too much sensitive information in the wrong hands.

What do you think? Are we going too far with what we share? Are we putting ourselves in harms way?

My Mom at my age.



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11 responses to “careful little mouth what you say

  1. Hi Kate!

    A friend also told me to be careful of what I write in my blog. To be wary of people online because the www is really not the place for people who values their privacy. So even if we want to express ourselves honestly and passionately, we still have to watch out. I think your mom’s right as well.

  2. Sharon

    yep, that’s what we said. I would add its a matter of quantity vs quality. No one is obligated to share everything to everyone just to convince them of your authenticity and integrity, but what you do choose to share, be sure it is real for the Lord’s sake and your own conscience sake.
    Is this need to be convinced of another’s authenticity a reaction to this present world’s lying nature?

  3. thatgirlkate

    @ Mary Jane-thanks for commenting! It’s true, the www is not for people who value their privacy. I think I am discovering I am much more private than I realized.

  4. thatgirlkate

    @ Mom-yeah, i do think we are rebelling against the trend of the false way the world presents itself-then we find ourselves in the other extreme in too deep.

  5. It’s called “disclosure” and you do not owe anyone information you do not choose to share. Many people confuse “disclosure” with being deceiptful but that is a very different thing. We should always tell the truth, but that does not mean we should “disclose” information unnecesarrily without considering the the ramifications, sometimes doing so can cause harm to us or to others.

  6. i agree with your mom! i’ve found myself sharing the light-hearted side of my life lately on my blog. it’s incredibly scary to be so vulnerable with the world. i’ll choose to be that vulnerable with the people closest to me… like you!

  7. Got here through Judi Free. Wise words from Mom!

    Would you say things differently if you knew that whatever you said could be captured for eternity for the whole world to see on demand?

    Because that’s what blogging is. Even if you post something and later delete it, it will still exist in RSS feed readers and possibly various caches and archives around the Web for anyone in the world to see.

    I guess that’s a somewhat paranoid and geeky way to look at it, but when you’re sharing your life on the Internet, a little extra caution can never hurt.

  8. thatgirlkate

    @ cool dad-so true about the rss feed and caches, i actually just deleted a couple posts hoping to erase them from the www, but as you pointed out, that just can’t be done.

  9. I agree!!!

    I’ve even had to delete blog posts because of this. I think we can share the victories and lessons with God on our blogs though. I really try to focus on encouraging others through my blog…it does require me to be real, but above all – GUARD YOUR HEART! This post is the kind of authenticity that will help others in their walk!

  10. Sharon

    ok, it’s almost been a week and i’m already beginning to feel withdrawal…I need a kate post…one of your entertaining, amazing, funny and interesting, colorful, and informative posts. know you are getting ready for jr hi camp so I know it could be another week but please don’t keep me waiting too long.

  11. I’m with P. Sharon on this!

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