all right, all right calm down

Life has been a bit busy lately, and is only going to be even more so since this weekend we are speaking at Rez’s JR HIGH CAMP!! and then I am going to Florida (sans Dustin) for a fun girls week with 2 of my best friends. What is funny is that I am going all the way to Florida for an awesome trip but all I keep thinking about it how I will be missing out on the weekly IHOP sesh, which are totes presh.

A couple things I am excited about:

1. Cars Night in Kid’s Church. Pictures of cute kids in pimped out rides to follow.

This is my car-specially made by Kate, Dustin, Mark and Judi.

2. The possibility of swimming with a manatee in Florida.

3. My new ring from the antique store that Mark and Judi took us to on Saturday.

4. Business cards with my name on them. First ever.

5. July 30th (4 year anniversary)

6. making lists.

7. the fact that you are reading this list.

8. having 854 hits on Friday, making 12,612 hits total!!!

Things I am not excited about:

1. Having 12,612 hits on my silly blog with nothing worth while for people to read.

2. Having only 8 things on the list of things I am excited about. Lists should stop at a nice, round number like 5 or 10.

3. Being at work this morning at 6:50AM and now it is only 9:16AM and it feels like it should be noon by now.

4. The possibility of swimming with alligators in Florida.

P.S.-I just like putting “for the love of picard” in my categories. It adds a little something, I think.



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6 responses to “all right, all right calm down

  1. KATE – 854 hits in one day?!?!?! Is that from the Lorenzo picture still??

    We are praying that everything goes smoothly for you – but we will be missing you SO SO SO BAD!!! What are mark and I going to do without you this weekend?

  2. thatgirlkate

    Actually those hits were just from my “music that changed my life” post. crazy, huh. It is so random.

  3. seanmichaelbrage

    Kate, with 12,612 hits I wouldn’t worry about having anything worthwhile to say here, because apparently you do. Plus you have Lorenzo.

  4. Sharon

    Obviously I wasn’t alone. As always you brought a smile to my face. (love the car!) 854/12,612 – I’m not surprised.

  5. those flames on that car are pretty rad!

  6. Agreed. The flames are outstanding.

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