Olympics and the weird Woman’s Bodies.

Athletes or not, here are the top 3 Olympic bodies that I would rather not have.

3) The Hammer Throw.

2) Swimmer.

1) The Weightlifter.

No thank you.



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18 responses to “Olympics and the weird Woman’s Bodies.

  1. i heard a story about a woman who won the gold in track in field in the ’32 olympics. she was shot in a robbery gone bad about 50 years later. the coroner did an autopsy and found out she was actually a man! yikes!
    story here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanis%C5%82awa_Walasiewicz

    (how do you do links in comments???)

  2. HA! I’m so addicted to the olympics right now! We should pick one of the big events and have an olympic par-TAY!

  3. thatgirlkate

    @ Teresa-no way! is that true?? I actually can believe it, but Dustin didn’t.

  4. thatgirlkate

    @ Judi-YES!!! We should definitely do a Olympics Party!

  5. seanmichaelbrage

    These pictures make me hurt.

    Hey, if it’s on Wikipedia it HAS to be true.

  6. teresap

    i heard it on NPR and googled it. two different sources. i’m thinking it’s true. besides, sean is right. it’s on wiki!

  7. seanmichaelbrage

    I was being sarcastic about wiki. I don’t think allowing anyone to post makes for tremendous accuracy, but I love it.

  8. pb&shelley

    That weightlifter could crush me like a fine French wafer cookie. I’m absolutely up for Judi’s idea of the Olymparty. Maybe when track and field comes around we can have an end-of-summer bash.

  9. thatgirlkate

    Shelley- I could crush you like a fine french wafer. Boo-ya!

  10. oh my. oh my oh my. wow.

    so she was really a man who “possessed female characteristics” um ok. wow.

  11. thatgirlkate

    Teresa your comment on this blog really stole the show. Way to upstage me. Geez.

  12. Sharon

    As a kid, we were sure the soviet women teams were all men. As it turns out they may have been taking female hormones or they were women taking male hormones to “bulk up”! Next we’ll see unisex olympics because then everyone can be included and win, and no one will have to cheat! we just won’t know what they are.

  13. teresap

    @sean – yes, but i cited two sources… i didn’t pick up on the sarcasm…. *silly sigh

  14. storyteller550

    @ Sharon

    LOL — unisex olympics, that cracks me up!

    Well you know what they say:
    “In Soviet Russia, woman impregnates you…”

  15. Kirsten

    Wow a little harsh. Stereotypes suck! I am a weightlifter and I don’t look like that. Sure there are some people who look like that but they are few and far between. Many weightlifters and the few hammer throwers that I know are actually athletic or lean.

  16. M_john

    The swimmer has enourmous lats, she could have a back as twice as mine. 😮

  17. john

    i want to marry one off them.

  18. jason the paratrooper

    i think all of this talk is so exciting, i realy love the olympics right now i get buterflies in my tini wini belly wen sum 1 is talking about it, the trainin they do, must be so hard, anyway enough of all this hush hush talk buddy, did i say that i was gay and so pedantic….NO CUZ AM FUKIN NOT all u silly litle gay cuntyfaced trisha liking debo fukin loving mutha fukers need to fukin get laid n fukin act cool u scruff looking craka luvin ass munchin bitches…. OR just go and fukin hang yourselfs, i mean your pissin me off…..i cant handle people like you….U NO i browse on the internet every day to find someting good!!! And to come accross sumet like this or u should all die i hate you all and i wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire ha ha ha ha ha ha .ps. I REALY HOPE I HAVE WRECKED YOUR DAY…..Hopefully Your Life!!!

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