A New Painting!!

Dustin and I just finished a new painting that I am really excited about. You might be thinking right about now, “Kate paints? I didn’t know that she painted!” Well compared to Dustin, no, I do not paint and I have no talent. But I do like to be creative and

every now and then things are put on to a canvass.

Here is our new painting called “Elise”

Just to give you an idea of the size- that coat is big enough to fit on me-or for you technical people, it is 6’x4′.



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5 responses to “A New Painting!!

  1. I love it! Some day, I want to buy a painting from you two, when I have the moola

  2. Nice, very fun. I especially like the background.

  3. um…i really like that jacket. I want to wear it in real life. I WANT AN ORIGINAL GROENEMAN!

  4. pb&shelley

    You’re 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide????? You said the coat could fit you and that it’s 6×4. That’s like female-olympic-weightlifter big. Dude.

  5. love it..want it…but already have an amazing bear painting in my room….

    seriously, it’s great!

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