Before we pick up our stones

I read today that the writer of the song “Healer”, Pastor Michael Guglielmucci, lied about having terminal cancer. This song is featured on the newest Hillsong album, “This Is Our God”.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

I admit I was moved deep in my heart when I heard the story of Pastor Michael and even cried a little watching him sing “I believe your my healer…” with a breathing tube in his nose. I even said a prayer for him that he would be healed and be an example to us all of faith and trust. And even though I am really sad and frustrated that someone would fall so deep into a lie that it would hurt so many thousands it definitely in no way discredits or changes the song for me personally.

If anything it still stands true for Pastor Michael specifically-that he does need healing and he will need God to “walk through every fire” in this situation. I have never seen such a gut wrenching example of how badly we all need healing from our own hurts, habits and hang-up’s (can I hear an “amen” from the C.R. crowd?) and we truly are as sick as our secrets. I am honestly relieved for Pastor Michael that this has been exposed and he can walk in true freedom. I’m sure the glory of the song was wasted on him every time he realized he was living a lie, now the reality of the words he wrote can really bring healing and trust.

I will continue to listen/worship to this song, standing firm that God is not only healing my body so that I can have a baby, but that He is also the Healer of my deepest darkest places. I am sad, but thankful, that Pastor Michael is an example to me of keeping things hidden that need to be exposed.

I believe my prayer for Pastor Michael’s healing is all ready being answered, it just might not be a physical one.

I lay my stone down and pick up love,

That Girl Kate



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10 responses to “Before we pick up our stones

  1. this blog was uber refreshing for me to read. I was just speaking with a friend about this guy yesterday. We came to the conclusion that the message of the song is still the same, and holding pastors to perfection is wrong. I agree with you, God revealed something that he TRULY needed healing from, and is saving him from that dark and lonely place.

  2. amen from part of the CR crowd.

  3. i had this other thought about our prayers. we pray these very insightful prayers that are God’s will. we know they are because it’s in His word and it’s true to his character. but, those prayers can be manifested in ways that we weren’t expecting. the Jews were expecting another Moses, but here comes some guy named Jesus. i’ve let go of the idea of giving God a list of the desires of my heart, because He knows my heart so much more intimately than i even do. i want to pray the hard prayers and know that God will probably not answer it in a way that makes sense to me, but in a way that is better for me, in my growth, my intimacy and relationship with him.
    One last thought on the song, God can use anything out of anyone. i could use an analogy that he could bring dirt to life. but, he’s actually done that, he’s that powerful! so powerful, if God can use a donkey to knock some sense into Balaam, on a much more revelant circumstance to us these days, God can use this man who felt the need to lie to “create” some sort of anointing into something that is really anointed. Constantly proves, it’s not the man, it’s God. And look, it’s still anointed.

    good post, fellow-CRer. are you doing your homework, lil missy???

  4. storyteller550

    WHAT?!?!? There’s a new Hillsong Album!!!!

  5. Andrew

    Being right in the middle of all of this right now, what you’re saying is totes true. It’s been real hard to not get pissed and confused and discouraged, but what you said was really good to read. This is what a lot of people here need to hear.

  6. Dan

    The song is a lie. Wake up and smell the bullturd. How can any normal person listen to it and not want to vomit all over pastor mike? I attended planetshakers briefly, and in a short time I was manipulated into “tithing” at least $1000. I know. I’m an idiot. But i’m a wiser idiot now.
    I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen and I knew it would because the people who pastor these rockstar churches are rotten. I hope planetshkers, hillsong, ect. go down the toilet. But I have a feeling that will not happen any time soon.

    I’m happy i’m no longer a christian.

  7. Yes..I heard something that changed my opinion:

    If we choose to hate on Pastor Michael and discount the song, then we should also throw out all of the Psalms that David wrote…

  8. thatgirlkate

    Thank you to my friends for your comments. Every single one is insightful and loving and I would expect nothing less from each of you.

  9. Sharon

    So appreciated your handling of this..

    You’ve probably already read this but this is his pastor’s take:

    Think he has some wisdom that might help as someone close to this…

  10. storyteller550

    I think Dan needs a hug!!!

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