Adrian passed away.

I am so sad to let you all know that Adrian Sudbury passed away on Aug 20th.

For those of you who had read the post on my blog about Adrian and how much his story and blog had touched my life you will know how sad this makes me. For those of who you who didn’t see it-I had written a post stating my concern for Adrian who had terminal cancer and the possibility that he may not know Christ. Adrian is from England and became a minor celebrity for his battle with cancer and raising awareness for the importance of donating bone marrow to those in need, but somehow he came across my silly, clumsy blog and read my my post about my desire for Adrian to know Christ before he passed away.

Read that post here

Here is what Adrian commented after reading my thoughts:

Hi Kate,
Hope you are well. This is Adrian (aka Baldy, Sudders) the author of Baldy’s Blog. Thank you for the reference to my blog I really appreciate that.
I think one thing you need to understand is that in the UK we are much less open to the idea of shouting out about our politics or religion or faith. Culturally it’s just not what we do.
However, I think at some point I will be posting about a few more specifics. I have recently been speaking to a lovely chaplain I met through hospital and the phrase “peace beyond peace” has been mentioned before now.
I think, despite everything that has happened to me, I am privileged to be able to truly experience this.
Keep reading!
With best wishes,

I have kept up with Adrian’s blog but never saw anything pertaining to his beliefs and what he thought about life after death-or “peace beyond peace” as Adrian put it. In all honesty I don’t think I will ever know if Adrian accepted Christ before he died…and that makes me really sad and frustrated.



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3 responses to “Adrian passed away.

  1. i’ll share with you with a Christian counselor told me a few years back when i struggled with the idea of my unsaved loved ones getting to know Jesus before they died. she told me that we NEVER know what God is doing in the spirit. His spirit is in constant communion with ours. that gave me a lot of peace when my dad died. i may not know with absolute certainty that my dad made peace with the Lord before he died, but i know that God is faithful to my prayers, according to His will.

  2. it took guts to send out this update.

    your blog made it to him. your message obviously touched him. and now it’s also touching others to not be so present minded. these are eternal being that we come in contact with everyday. we must see their souls and reach out to them. we must care about the eternal.

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