Donald Miller’s closing prayer at DNC

“Donald Miller to me is like an indie band that I loved and was loyal to, that was signed to a major record label and is now everywhere.”

Donald Miller the author of popular “postmodern” books like Blue Like Jazz, Searching for God Knows What, he is also a speaker, blogger, music connoisseur-fan of The Smiths…and Morrisey!, smoker, beer lover, hopeless romantic, Christian and Democrat. For some this may be disappointing. Even disappointing enough to cancel a Blue Like Jazz church book club. Whatever your reaction to knowing this, here is the prayer he prayed:

Father God,

This week, as the world looks on, help the leaders in this room create a civil dialogue about our future.

We need you, God, as individuals and also as a nation.

We need you to protect us from our enemies, but also from ourselves, because we are easily tempted toward apathy.

Give us a passion to advance opportunities for the least of these, for widows and orphans, for single moms and children whose fathers have left.

Give us the eyes to see them, and the ears to hear them, and hands willing to serve them.

Help us serve people, not just causes. And stand up to specific injustices rather than vague notions.

Give those in this room who have power, along with those who will meet next week, the courage to work together to finally provide health care to those who don’t have any, and a living wage so families can thrive rather than struggle.

Hep us figure out how to pay teachers what they deserve and give children an equal opportunity to get a college education.

Help us figure out the balance between economic opportunity and corporate gluttony.

We have tried to solve these problems ourselves but they are still there. We need your help.

Father, will you restore our moral standing in the world.

A lot of people don’t like us but that’s because they don’t know the heart of the average American.

Will you give us favor and forgiveness, along with our allies around the world.

Help us be an example of humility and strength once again.

Lastly, father, unify us.

Even in our diversity help us see how much we have in common.

And unify us not just in our ideas and in our sentiments—but in our actions, as we look around and figure out something we can do to help create an America even greater than the one we have come to cherish.

God we know that you are good.

Thank you for blessing us in so many ways as Americans.

I make these requests in the name of your son, Jesus, who gave his own life against the forces of injustice.

Let Him be our example.




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4 responses to “Donald Miller’s closing prayer at DNC

  1. Sharon

    I love Donald Miller’s heart too. I had not seen the transcript of his prayer and want to thank you, Kate, for posting it. I say AMEN to every part of it. I’m praying for a end to the strife between the political parties in congress, forgiveness and an end to the hatred, acts of vengence, and blame game, for humble hearts that can come to agreement for the sake of doing something for the people of our country, and an end to the extreme partisanship.
    On a lighter note, I wanted to share that lol Donald Miller correspondence with Obama I shared on facebook. Enjoy:

  2. Good prayer for God’s people – not for Government. Government was never designed to take care of God’s people. The church was. This is where the big divide is in my humble opinion. Thanks for posting.

  3. Mary Hendrickson

    Hmmm, very interesting. I loved reading this. Don is a very wise, humble guy and it definitely shines through in his prayer. Thanks for sharin, Kate. 🙂

  4. Brandon Smith

    Thanks for posting this, Donald Miller is a beast!

    Check out my blog sometime!

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