After a lot of whining and complaining on my part about not having IKEA in Colorado it has finally been announced they are coming. YESS!! Not only that, but it will be no less then 5 miles from my very home. The closest one at this point is no less than 375 miles. The only downside is that it won’t be built for at least a year. I have waited like 5 years, what is another year?

Soon we will see that giant blue and yellow sign calling from I-25 begging us to decorate our homes in inexpensive, Scandenavian designs and I will be asnwering credit card in hand.

My mother in law is going to lose her mind when I tell her the news.



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3 responses to “IKEA IS COMING!!!

  1. Andrew

    as will my parents. If IKEA told my parents to jump off a bridge, I’m pretty sure they would

  2. lauren

    we should probably start saving now

  3. Sharon

    You know what I think…after all, we drove to San Diego to go to IKEA…whoopee!

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