Special unspoken without sound

I am having a hard time writing on my blog as of late. There are so many things that are heavy on my heart and unfortunately are too personal to type into a blog for just any ol person to read and know about me and possibly blackmail me with. When things are on a girls mind it is impossible to switch them off and move on to other things. They just sit and simmer, waiting for some kind of change, some kind of breakthrough and a hope for some control. I think that until some of these boiling pots in my life cool down I won’t be able to just post the same old silly stuff as I usually do. Until that time here is a poem about fall, by me.

Yellow leaves, sleepy bees

Orange and red trees

Blankets, cheese and kisses

Blue above, grey deep down

Animals, walks, and adventures with you

When to say no, when to say yes, let go and find joy

Eye lashes, pink cheeks, and a plum scarf on a windy day

Babies, weddings, prescriptions, promises, needing You

Inspire assurance in what I hope for, and give me room to breathe.



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7 responses to “Special unspoken without sound

  1. Wow, if I could blog half the things going through my mind I would have five per day!

    BTW: I just cried watching The Abyss.

  2. jennuin

    I feel you girl. I find that blogging at this point is helping bring some sort of release and breath of air from the all-consuming mind when things get heavy.

    beautiful poem 🙂

  3. great poem…

    talking about the deep things are what husbands and girlfriends are for….not blogs! I love you so much!

  4. sarahbowling

    kate, do not carry to much weight.
    it could make you late
    to do the very important things of life
    be sure to stay lithe
    be nimble
    and keep your cares in a thimble
    because He cares for you
    (me too)!

  5. Dear Kate,
    I think you’re great
    I like to talk to you
    I like to hear about dustin’s bru
    Your heart is filled love and joy
    and someday you will have a little girl or boy
    On that day I will scream and shout
    because God will show us what His love is really about

  6. thatgirlkate

    Judi and Pastor Sarah-those poems are so sweet and really mean a lot to me. Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement, they brought a smile to my face. 🙂

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