watch out-Kate’s gettin politcal

I have been pretty stubborn when it comes to talking about the upcoming election/politics in any sort of group setting. I certainly enjoying joking about these things, but actual serious conversations or debates I avoid. I will talk to Dustin, but outside of him I pretty much refuse to take part.

First of all what is one more opinion? Honestly, no one really wants to hear my opinion on Obama, Palin, the economy or WMD’s. Everyone is just waiting for their turn to speak anyway. People waste too much time imposing their views on others.

Secondly, I don’t feel educated enough to contribute in a way that would be satisfying to me or to anyone else. The worst thing to me is talking about something I don’t know enough about and should be listening instead of sharing.

Thirdly, I like harmony. There is no room for harmony in politics. When I am in a group setting it is very important to me for everyone to feel comfortable and unoffended. I feel there is little to be gained from conflict and friction. I strive to merge ideas and thoughts to find common ground and unfortunately hit a dead end when it comes to political conversations.

Fourthly and lastly, in all honesty we all vote along our party lines anyway. It doesn’t matter if their names are McCain or Obama, we choose early on without knowing much about these people who we are going to vote for and we build a case to back up this pre-made decision. I applaud anyone who can really say they don’t do this (but I will find it hard to believe).

I think Mark will know what inspired this post on this fine Tuesday morning.

In the end no one looks good.



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14 responses to “watch out-Kate’s gettin politcal

  1. I am growing to really really hate the time surrounding the elections. Everyone thinks they have the perfect answer for our country, and they spit on people whose views differ. It’s total anti-Jesus. I mean, sure, I make jokes and such about the candidates, but I am talking about the people who literally get offended and question one’s intelligence at other thought processes.

    Jesus Christ is not a Democrat, Republican, Constitutionalist, Communist, etc. etc. Our country needs to re-think how we prioritize things.

  2. pb&shelley

    be the aisle, kate, be the aisle. unite our parties and BE THE AISLE!

  3. The statement we have to follow is that we are Christians first and foremost, then Americans, THEN Conservative/Liberal/Republican/Democrat.

    It’s all about WWJD, and then what is absolutely best for our country. Politics and the ideals that accompany them is last.

  4. teresap

    we all have our opinions on what would be best for the country and what Jesus would do. and josh is right, to belittle each other for those differing beliefs is definitely NOT what Jesus would do.

    i like to have a sense of humor about myself and my political beliefs. but it’s hard to keep that humor when the air is so tense with degrading rhetoric on both sides.

    i will say that this is the first year that i’ve really considered voting for the other party.

  5. OH Boy – I wasn’t really understanding this post but I’m so frustrated after Choir practice because everyone was talking politics and it was just so silly. I kept my mouth shut and just prayed for it to be over. URG!!! Opinion means less and less to me. I just want the facts. I don’t want anyone else’s opinion. That’s just my opinion…

  6. I agree with Mark on his priorities. I will add, however, that they should also not mingle, if that makes sense.

  7. thatgirlkate

    I agree with Teresa, even on the point of WWJD-type thinking there will be disagreements. There will never be a time where we all share the same opinions, but we can choose to respect others thoughts on issues and not get all loud, defensive, offended and crazy when we are in a group discussion.

    I think the main problem is people don’t know how to listen without feeling the need to share their own thoughts (and by share I mean force). We need to listen more and talk less.

  8. teresap

    i agree with kate in her agreeing with me

  9. I agree with the agreement in this post.

  10. sarahbowling

    I feel pretty agreeable with everyone agreeing

  11. I cried watching Malcolm In The Middle this morning. I’m going off the deep end now.

    I know this doesn’t have anything to do with politics. But I hate politics and thought I would share a personal embarrasment with you all.

  12. I wish I would have wrote this on my blog! You explain it perfectly! Hope you are doing well! I hear you guys had a great bday dinner for Kate the other night…SHE LOVED IT!

  13. thatgirlkate

    Mark, I think you may have a serious problem. Please seek help.

  14. thatgirlkate

    @Ashley- you were missed at Kate’s party! I saw the pictures from her trip to Dallas, you two looked like you had a great time. Are you visiting Denver again time soon?

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