I(heart)new art.

There are a few specific artists that really please my aesthetic pallet. Each one is special to me in a unique way. When I was 19 I remember the first time I found Mark Rothko at the Tate Modern Museum in London, I remember when I was 17 and picked up my first Sabrina Ward Harrison journal, and of course I remember that rainy afternoon in England when Dustin was still such a stranger to me and he opened up his sketch book while we listened to Sigur Ros. Art is important to me in every sense. It is a close friend, a necessity to me just as much as music or a good book. Life would be empty and gray without these important tools for emoting.

Here is a new artist added to my list of favorites (as well as my blogroll).

Introducing Jen Lobo:

(click for more detail)


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One response to “I(heart)new art.

  1. I love this artist too! I’ve been admiring his Nantucket Sleigh Ride for the last month! Good addition to your fav artists.

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