Heart to heart with Adele Arakawa

There is no other news but 9 news when it comes to news in Colorado. I watch for the beautiful anchors, the awkward flirting between Kathy Sabine and Bob Kendrick, that zany Kirk Montgomery and the beautiful, somewhat too perfect, Bazi Kanani…oh and the really good news reporting too. I could write a whole blog post about the soap opera world of 9 news, but that is not what this post is about. This post is about bringing some much needed awareness to a problem I like to call “The Arakawa Mullet”. Since 1993 I have watched Adele bring me the news with grace and dignity, but time has passed, things have progressed, but somehow her hair has stayed the same.

Dear Adele,

I love your sophisticated way of delivering the evening news. I respect your opinion and laugh at your witty remarks during the “fluff” pieces. I know you are smarter than that silly Bob Kendrick or that brontosaurus-guy from the political segments. You have been around a long time and I am certain that KUSA must pay you some serious cash, so please, would you please, get a new hairstyle? I had a friend visit from out of state, he doesn’t know how great you are and all he would do was make fun of your hockey-hair and mock the way your bangs protrude 7 inches off your forehead, so your first impression is seriously suffering. Please, listen to the cries all around Denver asking for you to cut that mullet. Cut it short, start again. Try something new. Maybe even some hair extensions or a cute bob. Anything, Adele. Listen, we can meet at your favorite place Mark told me about, that Mexican restaurant El Parral. I will bring hair magazines and we will find you a perfect new look. You should invite Kirk, he seems like he could have some good input on hair…and shoes.


That Girl Kate

P.S. Tell Drew I said Hi.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:




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10 responses to “Heart to heart with Adele Arakawa

  1. steve

    wow, that’s pretty crazy cause the other day I was thinking about commenting on the 9news and creating an account with the screen name adelesawfulhaircut or something like that. I thought maybe I was the only one! LOL. regardless 9news is the only news for crystal and navi and me. I hate their new theme music. love the entertainment guy, laugh at Kathy “Satan” and horrible weather predictions. and crystal actually grew up with Bazi’s family in church and went to school with her brother Sabi. he went to SAGU with us as well. small world eh?

  2. thatgirlkate

    What?! Kathy Satan? I love Kathy. She is the best ever. That is pretty awesome that you and Crystal know the Kanani family. The closest I have ever gotten to Bazi was in line at the Qudoba on Speer blvd. (Kathy Sabine was there too!!)

  3. Maybe Adele and the whatever channel team can get to the bottom of this freaky story.

  4. sarahbowling

    Kate!!!! I’m laughing, coughing, laughing, coughing & pretty close to pee-ing my pants! I love your guts!!!!

  5. I have totally seen her at el parrel.

    We should star a petition

  6. I have a gift certificate for Parrel…we should all invite her to come eat with us and partake in discounted meals!

  7. thatgirlkate

    oh judi, I love you, of course you have a coupon! We could email her at the 9news email address and see if she would join us.

  8. thatgirlkate

    @ Mark- we should send the 9 news “I team” to investigate the sleeping man!!

  9. I still think the best plan is to Poke Him with a Stick.

    Wait, have Adele film you Poking Him with a Stick! It couldn’t get much better than that.

  10. Hah am I really the only reply to this amazing article!?

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