In case you were wondering…

If you were wondering, like I was, how much we would each receive if the government took the $700 billion they gave to the banks for the “bail-out” plan, and divided it up among all of America (300 million people). Here is the answer: we would each receive $2,333.

This number might seem big to some since we are talking about every single person in the country receiving $2300, but it was actually small to me. I was thinking it was going to be in at least the ten’s of thousands. I guess in that case it is better to give it to the banks to get things back in order (hopefully) and not to me to spend $2333 on shoes and cat toys.


You would disagree, wouldn’t you Ripley?



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4 responses to “In case you were wondering…

  1. 1)It would have done more for the economy to have given it to your cat.
    2)It would have been just as reprehensible to have given it to your cat.

  2. ripley is smug, he wouldn’t accept your money! haha

  3. BabyFree takes money from people all of the time. Bono actually begs for money and toys.

  4. thatgirlkate

    Judi, how could anyone resist those sweet little eyes of Bono? I would give him anything he wanted.

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