Party Like a Groeneman




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9 responses to “Party Like a Groeneman

  1. storyteller550

    Does Party Like a Groeneman = Party Like a Rockstar???

  2. mbrage

    1) Is it only me, but does it look to anyone else like Kate is watching Kate do the limbo?
    2) Hey storyteller550, were you looking at the picture when you wrote that question?

  3. storyteller550

    @mbrage: I’m not sure what you mean… I just saw the words on the bottom of the picture and blog title and took my cue from that… is that what you mean?

  4. storyteller550: Sorry, I was sarcastically asking if the pictures looks like the way rockstars party. Poking a little fun.

  5. thatgirlkate

    That is the way the limbo works, Mr. Brage. Not everyone can limbo at once, it is a one-at-a-time kind of a thing! 🙂

  6. mbrage

    So while you limbo, everyone else is in limbo?

  7. Stephen Tafoya

    @ Mark

    oh, I see what you mean. Sorry, kind of hard for me to pick sarcasm on a comment board. Your question didn’t even come off sarcastic,… i was thinking like maybe a coincidence kind of thing like “hey he wrote that, did he know there were words that said party like a groeneman?” kind of thing. lol

  8. ashley larrison

    way to go you look awsome

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