Incorporate the bullet point.

I know it is time to post something new on my blog. It has been a week and I still have the same Remembering Advent post. I have things tumbling around in my mind and a few of them would be good to write about. Sort-of air my thoughts out a little. The best way to do that is incorporating the use of the bullet point.

  • I have a terrible habit of using too many commas and having run-on sentences. I want to write like I talk and in my mind every time I place a period instead of a comma it interrupts the “speech” I am making. I have had a few people comment on my run-on problem and I just want to make a sincere apology to those people now since it’s probably not going to change anytime soon.

  • Dustin and I are looking into moving to Aurora from Lone Tree. Every time I watch the news it seems to have a story or two about some drive-by shooting, murder or gang related violence that just so happens to have taken place in Aurora. If Lone Tree is ever on the news it is to announce a new shopping center or future Ikea. Do you see the difference? Barnes and Noble at Park Meadows or Dollar Tree off Quincy? I don’t know if we are ready to tell people we are from Aurora. Even the people who are downtown-snobs and claim they like to live among the “needy” would think twice…
  • Aurora vs Lone Tree in pictures: aurora
  • lone_tree

  • I received Lost Season 4 from my dear mother in law for Christmas. Dustin and I got home on Friday night and finished the entire season by Sunday. It turns out I remember almost nothing from the last season so it was like watching it all new again. Because the writers strike made Season 4 shorter than the other seasons they loaded it up with some amazing special features. Why do they call John Locke Jeremy Bentham? If the island has disappeared how will the Oceanic 6 find it? Will Kate and Sawyer end up together? Is Daniel Faraday stuck on a raft with no ship or island to go to? Why didn’t Penny’s boat pick him up too? So many questions….good thing the 5th season starts on Jan. 21st. Editors note: if you haven’t ever watched Lost and you think you might like to start, at this point you might as well forget it. I can’t imagine trying to watch from Season 1. Good luck to you and sorry about the spoilers I just gave away.
  • lost_sawyer_reading

  • Yes, I am feeling feisty today.



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10 responses to “Incorporate the bullet point.

  1. I gotta say I’m offended by your generalization of Aurora. You can find equally pretty pictures of places in A-town, and most of the drug deals that go down in north Aurora are to people who live in Highlands Ranch/Lonetree. Also, Denver and Englewood both have a higher crime rate than Aurora.

    BTW: H-Mart is tons of fun. It’s like going to another country. Kinda scary at first but then you see crazy things you never knew existed.

  2. Stephen Tafoya

    Oh, I hope you are not dissin’ H-Mart! lol 🙂 That’s like the best market around! They sell boba teas at like 3 different spots, have the freshest produce, and have the best teas!! However, avoid that restaurant right next to it; they were condemned for really bad “restaurant hygiene,” Like 9news wants to know kind of stuff!
    Actually, if you go East, like FAR EAST Aurora, there’s a neighborhood much like you’d see in Centennial or Highlands Ranch. Even though it’s more “dangerous” in comparison to other cities, I think people there are a bit more courteous when it comes to driving and such compared to down south in our neck of the woods. and don’t forget, you never know what part of town the people you minister to are from.

    Run on sentences are fine so like don’t worry cause I use them all the time when I write too and that’s what is good about blogs is it lets you voice your voice the way you voice your voice and yeah. see! If you talked/typed any other way, it wouldn’t be thatgirlkate ! 🙂

    btw, did you know we had our son? He was born Dec. 22 and he is awesome! Little Tafoya all the way!

    Well, talk at you later ! SMILE 🙂

    ps. You CAN watch all the Lost’s from this point on! I had never watched it before, and like at almost the end of season four, I started my journey through all the lost’s. It only took a couple to 3 weeks or so, depending on when the Dvd’s were in the library! and EDITOR’s EDITOR’s NOTE: if you intend to watch Lost, watch the old ones first so you know what’s going on. I was that late-starter that was asking a MILLION questions and probably annoying my wife at the same time! lol 🙂 finally, i just needed to watch them all!

  3. H-Mart has great KVASS

    I think you should lend season 4 to your little bearded friend, Josh! haha.

  4. thatgirlkate

    @ everyone- this is my blog and i can say whatever i want about aurora. keep in mind that i am always kidding, never serious and soon dustin and i will be living with aurora in our address. but c’mon people, you have to admit, you do hear a lot about aurora on the news. is it some conspiracy against aurora? maybe.

  5. thatgirlkate

    @ Josh- you may borrow my season 4 anytime you’d like, sir. i owe you from all your season’s i borrowed. you are going to really love the special features. we need to plan how you, me, shelley and dustin are going to watch season 5…

  6. thatgirlkate

    @ Stephen- congrats on the new baby!!! what is little tafoya’s name?

  7. KATE – I love living in A-town!!! No pretentious snobs, no cops driving hummers, lower prices at Target – it’s like living in a wonderland of low prices and good ethnic food. You’ll see…

    And, if you are ever embarrassed to tell people that you live on a beautiful golf course which is also next to Cherry Creek State Park, just tell them you live in “Centennial”. It’s close enough without the bad reputation.

    It’s too bad that South Aurora gets a bad rap just because Colfax is a hole.

    Welcome to A-town

  8. Living in the A-Town has become a source of pride for many people in Catalyst. Represent! A-Town Down!

  9. as someone who grew up in Aurora and finally got out, DON’T DO IT! i spent my childhood trying to get out of that town. there are plenty of other wonderful places to live.

  10. mbrage

    Kate: I think the Aurora reference was an obvious throwaway to divert, attention, from, your, most, obvious, and, offensive, offence; Lost?

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