daydreaming of england


I am by no means a “world traveler”. I have yet to go to Africa, Iceland or Israel, all places that I really want to visit and experience. One thing I do have is England. Living in England put an anchor in my heart and I am always dreaming of going back. Maybe not to live, although I would love that, more realistically just to visit and cure the little homesick feeling I get when I think too much about it.


As most know, Dustin and I met in England while in YWAM. We were not allowed to “date” since he was a leader and I was a student (which was actually the only rule we had). There was a very special day that we and 2 other students took a little road trip to an amazing place called The Seven Sisters. We packed a picnic and drove a few hours to the coast of the English Channel where the rolling hills drop into the sea. We walked in open green fields, past fluffy sheep and short pony’s. We ate our packed lunch on the rocks next to the water then hiked up to the top and looked over the cliff’s edge. When I remember it it feels the same as remembering a really good dream. Where most of the details are foggy, but the impression of the moment is so strong. Or like a memory that you only really remember from seeing the pictures you took. One detail that I do remember is Dustin secretly grabbing my hand as we walked behind our friends. We just looked at each other on that pebbly beach and saw our whole future ahead of us.


I find myself dreaming of white, chalk cliffs, a wooden bench and a cup of tea. I am learning to absorb the feeling of a far-off desire rather than push it away in fear of disappointment. I hold on to these precious memories and look forward to the future ones to be made.


Until then I just keep daydreaming…



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6 responses to “daydreaming of england

  1. Danielle

    i often think about going back, too. i think England will hold a special space in many of our hearts because it was a life-changing experience. for you, it was doubly affecting because you met your love. 🙂
    holding on to possibilities is good for the heart. there is always the risk that things will never come to fruition but the allowance to dream is a gift from God.

  2. Stephen Tafoya

    Those pictures are breath-taking! and what a romantic story for you two… the forbidden love between a leader and his student as the romance plays out deep in their eyes! 🙂

  3. THis post seems like a beautiful dream to me too. I can almost hear the ocean as you describe everything. What a magical thing to remember how you fell in love.

  4. Marissa Schulze

    Dear Kate,
    I read this a bit of time ago, and I still think of it! It is simply beautiful, and your imagery takes each reader to those shores! What a writer you are, Kate! I just wanted you to know!

  5. thatgirlkate

    Thanks Marissa! Coming from you, that is a big compliment.
    So glad that you read my humble, little blog.
    Lots of love to you!

  6. Cheryl

    I was looking for pictures of Birling Gap and found your lovely blog. I have never left the UK, but after a life spent in the London suburbs, suddenly, ten years ago, God landed us right here on the Sussex Coast. Every time I take the bus to Eastbourne past Birling Gap and Beachy Head, past the lock-keeper’s cottages and the Cuckmere river, especially every time I look at the meandering Exceat, I just feel so blessed. Its a ‘wow’ moment, every single time. This place needs people that love it. I hope you get back!

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